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How to Apply Frosted Window Film

If you want to save money and apply a matte film itself, here are some easy and simple to follow instructions.

The window film can be applied to any smooth, non porous material which makes them useful to apply to windows, shower stalls, hard plastics and glass. They can be used to improve the environment and the windows in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and offices. You need not be limited to white or cream. If you feel like livening your room, try to film the green or pink, or silver! They are all easily accessible.

The first thing that needs to be applied in the film, when it's not too hot, so he probably was in the early morning or late afternoon or evening would be najbolje.Topline from the sun can cause damage to the film, so as to avoid the peak days .

Buy extra film. Measure your windows, the area you want covered, then add about 15 percent, so you have extra in case of failure, and you drift with the trimming and cutting.

Wash the windows. It is a great thing for cleaning windows is a baby shampoo. This is a perfect alkaline balance. Mix a few teaspoons of water, put it in a spray bottle and use it to prepare.

Once you have cleaned the window, cut a piece of film. Add a little extra on the width and height, so you have plenty to do.

spray the window with the same solution you used to clean it. The window should be moist, you can even use it on your hands too, keeping them moist.

Take the support of the film to peel down from one of the best corners. If you have a hard time to start, or getting off, put some clear tape on the back side of the film and pull. It should peel off pretty easily. As you peel off the support, spray the film with the same cleaning materials.

When you pull it all, prepared to put up film. Start applying at the top and work down, squeezing out any bubbles as you go. Do not worry if not all of them can work on it more when the movie is up. Keep a wet film to work with him on the outside that you squeegying. Facilitates the bubbles out!

Once in place, to set it up so that the square. Push any bubbles toward the edge of the film, do not worry if you do not go all the way, but get them near the edge. Trim the film, leaving a small 1 / 16 of inch border to allow for reduction. After about thirty minutes of the film to adhere to the window, although it will be a week to ten days before it is completely enclosed.

This is a pretty simple thing to do, and if you follow these instructions you should not have any problems with it.

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