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Installing Window Film - 10 Best Tips For a Good Installation

Preparation is the key, dirty windows will never look good, make sure to scrape the glass of every window, even if it looks clean to make sure that there is no ingrained dirt that can not see

    Make sure you use good quality movies, cheap movies, such as those found in the Far East will disappear quickly and the tone can watch the UN uniform. Be sure to clean your water bottle and slip a decision is made with fresh clean water, if there is contamination in the water bottles will be transferred to film dust environment is paramount if you have to install on the outside you will need to put film on a dry day when there was little breeze. When replacing the film internally to make sure that the area as dust as possible. Spraying a light spray of water over the area can help to keep the dust down. Make sure that the tools do the work, the damaged tire can leave behind a water film that will cause bubbles later down the line. Keep the blade sharp If you are fitting the movie on its own you can use another window to keep a movie for you as you remove the trailing boat, spray your slip solution to the backup window is large enough to hold the film. Place film on the glass with the support of the ship facing you, the water will actually film on the glass, leaving both hands free to remove the trailing ship Put a straight edge on the top edge of the window so that it can not be cut, if they overlap the top edge of the contaminated water can drip down down cause dirt to be behind the film When you put the film on the glass to check whether the sponge a little water in the center before cutting edges to stop the film moves when cutting When you stop the movie and start squeegeeing water does not go too near the edge of a cut to his right, if the edge of the film when the sponge is still overlap can be drawn from the edge of the contamination. squeegeed When all the water from behind the film, squeegeeing begin again to make sure you have all the water out, it might look OK, but if there is a thin layer of water on the film to quickly turn on the bubble, do not forget to overlapping squeegee stroke If the weather is cold put the heating on for a few hours to dry the film, if the windows get a lot of condensation make sure you check the work the next day and re-squeegee the fingers point to

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